Vince McMahon Had Been Making Changes To WWE Shows Via Phone Before Being Backstage This Week

Many in WWE tell us they’re in a “wait and see” mode after Vince McMahon has made his presence known since WrestleMania, and has been making regular changes to WWE shows remotely, but hasn’t popped back up backstage.

As our Inside the Royal Rumble 3 feature indicated, January 2022 saw an all-time low in WWE morale, followed by it reaching a near-high after Vince McMahon was out of the company. However, when McMahon forced his way back into WWE and appeared all WrestleMania weekend making changes, there were several on the roster upset with what they saw.

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The roster was assured repeatedly that Triple H was still in his role, but have been subject to late changes whenever Vince McMahon sees fit remotely. It was reiterated to us that when McMahon is there in person – which he hasn’t been since Mania week – that the changes were a lot heavier and had less reason to them. However, those that we spoke to on the roster said that instead, they hear that Vince McMahon calls in changes remotely, and does it with heavy alterations. Still, there have been talent that have told us they’ve had more flexibility in their promos of late than when Vince McMahon was present.

Morale was particularly high after the European tour, which many told us was the most fun they’ve ever been on. Those that we’ve heard from say that things have improved significantly since McMahon was around, but they’re still “on guard” at the possibility that he could just charge back in and be backstage. However, several also believe that McMahon realized the chaos that just being backstage caused and has opted to work remotely since.

Vince McMahon was at WWE Raw this past week.

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