Vince McMahon Needed "Filtered" By WWE Creative Assistants

With Vince McMahon now effectively done with his duties in WWE, a much clearer picture of the creative scene is being painted.

Fightful has heard from many within the creative process who said that many of the creative writer's assistants effectively needed to "filter" Vince themselves in ways. Specifically, we were told that the assistants often had to know what to not write for Vince McMahon when taking notes for him. We've also heard that the "minutes are heavily edited."

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We're told this has largely the case for a long time. It ranged from Vince saying things that would appear insensitive or offensive, to "oh god, what did he just say?" moments, all the way to simple kayfabe things as well. Some of the stories included McMahon constantly calling people the wrong names, or using terms that weren't socially acceptable, and that even he himself would have never allowed on television.

Another former production employee said "if a live feed of Vince McMahon on a headset any given night ever made it out, that it would provide a picture of that production experience, especially for the announcers. There were plenty of times he was in a good mood, but he would blow up at the most ridiculous things and act like they ruined an angle that was far past its expiration date anyway."

When asking those working in and near creative what they expected to change the most with Triple H in control, and one specifically said "recall of what we have and haven't done repeatedly. There were so many things that Vince insisted on doing that I'm pretty sure he didn't remember doing over and over again, even when people would tell him."

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