Vince Russo Says Wrestlers Had More Freedom In His Day

Vince Russo says input from the wrestlers helped him as a WWE writer. 

When Vince Russo was working for WWE, he was a part of a small writing team. He has said before how the writing process has changed at WWE. On Fightful Wrestling's podcast The List and Ya Boy, Russo talked about one of those differences. He said the talent today does not get as much freedom with their promos and he believes it hurts the product. 

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"It's so dumb down. I'm telling you that was a big advantage we had, Ed Ferrara and myself, we worked with the talent. The talent was a huge part of the process. I don't think we could have done our job well if we weren't working hand in hand with the talent," said Russo. "Every talent was an individual. Every talent knew their character better than we did and we gave them the freedom to go out there and get over," he continued. 

Russo went on to say most of WWE's current promos sound similar which is something he credits to Vince McMahon. 

"It's so elementary. Every promo sounds just like Vince McMahon," said Russo."The disappointment comes from the failure to try something new," he later added. 

Russo also said he only watches wrestling from companies within the United States but he thinks the people in charge of wrestling promotions are afraid to try new things. 

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