Vo Williams Discusses WWE Raw Theme 'Greatness,' Wanting To Perform In The Ring

On November 29, WWE debuted a new theme for WWE Raw entitled "Greatness" by Vo Williams.

Williams' songs can be heard throughout arenas across the country including during championship celebrations for NBA Champions Milwaukee Bucks and Stanley Cup Champions Tampa Bay Lightning. Williams has worked with WWE in the past, lending tracks to the Netflix film WWE Main Event and WrestleMania 37.

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Speaking to Fightful, Vo provided insight to "Greatness" and his wrestling fandom.

"It really was one of those epic coincidences that fell into place and created history, essentially. I had the song that I created, 'Greatness,' already out and WWE had caught wind of the track and reached out to see if I would be interested in letting them test it as a theme song. It happened to work and the rest is history," Vo said.

Vo named The Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, Junkyard Dog, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and The Rock as some of his favorite wrestlers growing up. He also said that he has trained capoeira, jiu-jitsu, and tae-kwon-do.

When asked if we'd ever see him in the ring, Vo said, "I want to slam somebody. I'll take a loss. I'll let somebody slam me. I'm all about it. If I do the slamming, if I'm getting slammed, punch me, I'm cool. I just want to be in the ring" while praising the athleticism and creativity of wrestlers.

"Wrestlers are incredible athletes. The moves that they do, the creativity, it's incredible. You don't see any other sport that has that kind of athleticism and dynamic range. It's crazy to see what they do in that ring," he said. "With any genre, any sport, there is going to be more added to the show. People are building off those classic athletes and taking things to another level. You see that in football, in wrestling, baseball, basketball. The way people play or fight today is all built off the building blocks of the people that came before them. There is definitely an evolution and people becoming more inventive, athletic, bringing more moves and ideas into the sport and pushing the genre forward. Who knows what we're going to see in 20 years inside the ring based off what people are doing today. You have a kid now watching Raw, looking at the moves, and saying, 'What if I did this backflip and landed like this,' and then that will be the new level. It constantly grows and it's insane to see."

Vo is no stranger to championships, performing in Deer Distract during the NBA Finals and celebrating the Stanley Cup with the Lightning. WWE is no stranger to handing out championships, providing custom titles to franchises that win major titles in sports.

As the man behind the WWE Raw theme, Vo hopes to step on the stage and get a custom title of his own.

"There are a lot of possibilities. I get the feeling that WWE is one of those organizations that is just a family. Even though it's a big organization that I think has many different departments that handles many things, I get the feeling that it's a family organization that is about creating memories. I wouldn't doubt that if something like that is available that those things could happen. I don't expect it. I don't expect anything, I've been paid well [laughs], but if those things do happen, I'm sure they can. I'm excited for the future because there is so much possibility with that event. I want to get out in the ring and perform the song, that's what I want. Make a petition, let them know. Let them know you want to see Vo live at WWE," he said.

Fans can listen to "Greatness" by clicking here and hear the track every Monday as the start of WWE Raw. Fightful provides live coverage of WWE Raw beginning at 8 p.m. ET every Monday.

Fans can follow Vo Williams on social media @thisisvo.

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