Kenny Omega SHOOTS SOFTLY On Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Colt Cabana, Brandon Cutler

Tis the season for kindness and perpetual hope.

Everyone should be in a loving mood this season, and even though our first effort to get MJF to say nice things about people didn't quite work, Kenny Omega was another story. When speaking to Omega about his REDCON1 supplement announcement, we asked him to say nice things about three All Elite Wrestling stars, and he didn't disappoint.

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The first up was Brandon Cutler, friend of the Young Bucks, producer of Being The Elite, and perennial loser in the ring. Well, until he picked up his first victory against Peter Avalon. It wasn't difficult for Omega to find kind things to say.

"When I watched the match between Brandon [Cutler] and Peter [Avalon] on Dark, it was such a great matchup to watch on a program that doesn't go on our TV. I thought it was a matchup of the highest caliber that people were getting for free on YouTube. Every week he shows up in better shape and he's a guy that really wants it. A joy to have around, a fun guy to talk to and be around. All-around great human being and a great wrestler who is still developing and learning and growing. He's very underrated," Omega says of Cutler.

Next up, Dr. Britt Baker DMD. An on-screen thorn in everyone's side, she's become an anchor of the AEW Women's division that Omega personally oversees.

"She's such a fun character to watch on TV, a fun person to have in the back. Always willing to work hard, never complaining. The only time I've ever seen her complain is when she was doing rehab for her knee. She didn't like the STEM therapy. I'm glad she's part of our team and people are seeing how diverse she is as a wrestler, both with her character work and what she's doing in-ring. It also gave me a chance to see more of Reba, who always leaves me in stitches," Omega threw in.

Last but not least, Omega's Being The Elite rival Colt Cabana. The amount of respect between the two was evident, and a major contrast to the personas we see within the context of the BTE show.

"One of the greatest entrepreneurs to ever do it. When you talk about people that never count on anyone else and relied on their own skillset, and if they didn't have the skillet, they took the time to learn it so they could excel in what they wanted to do; that's Colt in a nutshell. A lot of people know him for his efforts outside the ring, whether it be podcasts or Pro Wrestling Tees, but he's one of the most accomplished and smoothest wrestlers I've ever seen in the ring. He's so seasoned and just one of the guys what, when we hired him, he was immediately TV ready. He knew exactly where the cameras were, how to play to the cameras, how to position himself and his opponent. An absolute ring general, one of the most technical guys to ever do it and to be doing it. very smart and pleasant human to had around," said Omega.

If you're in the kind and giving mood, you could hook your friends up with Kenny Omega's new pre-workout, V-Trigger, from REDCON1.

REDCON1 is not just a prominent name among bodybuilders, but also pro-wrestlers and fans. In the past year, Singerman noticed many of the REDCON1’s consumers were also fans of professional wrestling or the wrestlers themselves. Last year, he started searching for a partner in the wrestling community, and discovered Kenny Omega, who Sports Illustrated named both wrestler of the year in 2017 and top male wrestler in 2018 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020. Omega is not only an elite athlete spanning a 20 year career as a global wrestling superstar, but also a like-minded businessman. In addition to being an owner, executive and wrestler for AEW, Omega is lead on creative for the new AEW Games a separate organization that is launching a Next Gen console game and two mobile games.

After using Redcon1 products for over a year, Singerman decided to bring Omega, dubbed “the best in-ring performer alive” to the team. Omega will work with REDCON1 to develop a line of his favorite products and apparel. This not only marks history for REDCON1, but also for the professional wrestling industry, as Omega is the first wrestler to be directly involved in a sports supplement brand developing products.

You can see our full interview with Kenny Omega at the top of the page. You can learn more about his REDCON1 Products at their official website. Omega is set to compete for the AEW World Championship at December 2's AEW Dynamite on TNT.

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