Wikipedia Fact Check With Colt Cabana!

Fightful: Wikeepedia. 

Colt Cabana: It's Wikuhpedia.

Jeff Jarrett Says Monty Brown Was A Unique Talent, Believes The Sky Was The Limit For Him

Fightful: I'll call it Wikeepedia! Maybe I can get the creator of Wikipedia on here to determine that.

Cabana: Yeah. That's ... I don't know. You've thrown me off. Okay.

Fightful: It's the jif/gif thing, I think.

WIKI: Colt is 6'1", 233 pounds

Cabana: (CLOSE) Yeah. So, 6'1", 233 lbs, what I'm really 6'0, 238. 

Fightful: Oh wow! Eh, you'll have that. You'll have that.

Cabana: Yeah but I ... I said I was ... I mean that was the weight that I used for years, height and weight 6'1", 223.

Fightful: That's understandable.

WIKI: You were born in Deerfield, Illinois.

Cabana: (True) "Yeah, that's correct."

WIKI: You attended Western Michigan University and played on their football team.

Cabana: (True) "Correct."

Fightful: Did any of your football skills translate to pro wrestling? I see a lot of people who train in the two and they tell me things like bear crawls, that'll help them. Was there anything that you took from that, that helped?

Cabana: "Just that I was athletic and that I was doing NCAA Division 1 conditioning drills and then I went to wrestling, and for some reason I assumed that when I was wrestling I wouldn't be able to take the conditioning. And then I got there and I was like oh, I can handle this."

Fightful: So were you in WWE developmental with Bill DeMott by any chance? 

Cabana: "No, well, when I was there, I was at OVW, he was at Deep South." 

Fightful: Okay, so I was going to say, you may have needed that then.

Cabana: "That was one of the reasons ... you know, I had the choice of going to Louisville or Atlanta. I knew Bill DeMott was in Atlanta, and I heard what he was doing to the guys down there and I had no desire to go there, so I chose OVW."

Fightful: OVW, you know, still around. Still kicking. To this day.

WIKI: You graduated in 2002 with a degree in business marketing.

Cabana: (True) "That's right."

Fightful: Have you used that yet?

Cabana: "No!"

Fightful: Well, you know, it's obviously a good fallback plan. Is that something you would recommend to somebody who's going all-in on pro wrestling? Make sure you get your college education? Or at this point, is that the smartest thing to do with our student loan situation?

Cabana: "Yeah, that's awful. I don't know. You know, everything I learned from wrestling, I learned from wrestling. I don't want to deter anyone from getting a college education, but it's nothing that's helped me out."

WIKI: It has two names listed as 'one of your finishing moves.' The Chicago Skyline and the Cabana Special. Which do you prefer?

Cabana: (False) "Uh, I don't know what the Cabana special is."

Fightful: Damn you, Wik-eepedia. 

Cabana: "So I would say my two finishers are the Chicago Skyline and the Billy Goat's Curse."

Fightful: Yeah, it has the Colt 45 listed as a finish here as well.

Cabana: "That was an old one I used to use, but I don't use it anymore because it completely ruined my shoulders and lower back."

WIKI: You became friends with Matt Capotelli while at Western Michigan University, who went on to participate in WWE Tough Enough.

Cabana: (True) "That's true, he's one of my buddies!" 

Fightful: Did you all know that you were going to get into the pro wrestling business or was it just one of those by chance things? 

Cabana: "He ... it's funny, I remember one of the first days we were at the computer lab during football, and like, everyone was checking sports stuff and I was like on which was an independent wrestling site in 1998. I'd told him I was into wrestling and he had kind of understood, and then I stopped football after my freshman year and got into professional wrestling my freshman year. I'd always tell him about it and he was always very interested in it. He always wanted to come but I would never wrestle around Kalamazoo and then yeah, years later when Tough Enough came out, he signed up. I think we would e-mail or chat back and forth, it was kind of funny. But he was always very interested and asking me about the independent wrestling scene."

WIKI: Perhaps the most interesting on Wikipedia are all of your entrance themes. Among those included, "Say I Yi Yi" by the Yin Yang Twins.

Cabana: (True) "Yep." 

WIKI: "Superfreak" by Rick James.

Cabana: (True) "Yep."

WIKI: "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow."

Cabana: (True) "Mm-hmm."

WIKI: "Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy and Anthrax.

Cabana: "Mmm, maybe." 

WIKI: "Calling Out," by Presence.

Cabana: (True) "Yeah."

WIKI: "The Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini.

Cabana: (True) "For sure."

WIKI: "CopaColtCabana" by Barry Manilow and Kidd Russell.

Cabana: (True) "Remixed by Kidd Russell, yes."

WIKI: "Anarchy," by Peter Northcote and Linsay Jehan.

Cabana: (Partially True) "Oh, that's the shitty WWE one. I think it was Anarchy 7."

Fightful: Anarchy 7. See, it's the details, Wikipedia. It's the details.

WIKI: And "Boom Boom" by Kidd Russell and the Girthtones. 

Cabana: (True) "Yes." 

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