Wikipedia Fact Check With Shane Helms!

Welcome to's new exclusive feature Wikipedia True Or False? In this feature, we'll ask some of your favorite wrestlers, fighters, boxers and personalities the stories behind their Wikipedia pages, and if some of the listings are in fact true or false. To be able to check out's Wikipedia True Or False? in the future, make sure to register with the us, absolutely free. Our second guest is TNA on-screen talent, and former WWE and WCW star "The Hurricane" Shane Helms.

WIKI: Helms began wrestling at the age of 16 in 1991.

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Helms "That is true. That was my first match, in 1991."

WIKI: He won his first championship shortly afterwards, by defeating "Playboy" T.C. Cruise.

Helms: "Also true. He came out to 'The Final Countdown.'

WIKI: Helms began calling himself "The Show" Shane Helms

Helms: "Yeah (true), that was about a year or two before WCW. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came in and they started making using your real names cool. I was Kidd Vicious for a long time, and had been trying to get away from it. I thought it was a funny name, but I didn't wrestle like Sid VIcious at all, just a play on the name. I wanted to go with my real name, and went with 'The Show.' I stopped that when The Big Show became the Big Show, because what was I gonna be, The Little Show?"

WIKI: Helms is a comic book fan, and one of his favorite characters is the Green Lantern

Helms (partially true): "He is one of my favorites, but not the favorite, that's something people get wrong. Black Adam is my favorite of all time."

WIKI: He also performed as the stunt double of actor David Arquette in the movie Ready to Rumble.

Hems: "That's true. You can see my name in the credits as 'Sugar' Shane Helms."

WIKI: Helms owns a motorcycle called "The Hurri-Cycle", which he got when he was using The Hurricane gimmick.

Helms: "That is no longer true. I drove that bitch through a fence. Not my brightest moment."

WIKI: On May 6, 2008, Helms was assaulted in a club in Johnston County, North Carolina, by an acquaintance.

Helms: "Yeah (true), I beat some guy up and the cops came and it was one of those deals where charges had to be pressed by us or them. It all got dropped. Sometimes you just gotta beat people up in bars."

Wikipedia fared much better with Helms than fellow TNA employee EC3. Still, their outdated fact regarding the Hurri-cycle leaves us waiting for our first completely accurate Wikipedia True or False? guest.

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