WWE Backstage Morale Was Immediate Improvement Under Triple H

The August 1 WWE Raw created a lot of optimism for a lot of talent.

Early in the day, Fightful was told that the show would be a "statement" from the new regime. What resulted were fresh matchups, more wrestling and stakes, more women's wrestling featured, and underutilized talent being on the program. Specifically, we'd heard about Ciampa being a heavy part of the program, and how well he's been received on the WWE main roster by staff thus far.

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However, even people not on the show seemed excited. We've heard from numerous wrestlers across multiple brands that have indicated they have a renewed optimism with Triple H heading up creative. One NXT talent said that Dakota Kai being brought back so quickly was a great sign, and makes them hopeful for their future as well.

There was a lot of positivity coming out of the show regarding both Ciampa and Mustafa Ali being put in good spots where they could shine on the show. A top wrestler outside WWE also noticed the increased focus on the women's division.

This is a stark contrast from just weeks ago, but especially post-Royal Rumble in January after a chaotic scene that left many unhappy. Thus far, after speaking to over two dozen talent, we've not had anyone raise particular concerns within the roster about Vince McMahon no longer being in creative, which speaks volumes. Triple H has also been credited for having visions and integrating things that were heavily Vince McMahon projects, such as Maximum Male Models.

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