WWE Could Be Bringing PLEs to Paris And Cleveland In 2024

A shocking location is being discussed for WWE Summerslam, and is considered a front runner and likely location.

Fightful Select has learned that Cleveland, Ohio is in the running to potentially see WWE Summerslam 2024 land there. There are several sources that are connected with the City of Cleveland, as well as the Cleveland Browns. One WWE source said they heard that the event was even likely for the city.

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We’ve not learned if Cleveland Browns Stadium or Progressive Field would be the location that WWE has in mind for the event if it does end up there.

Nobody at WWE gave us a comment on why NFL referees have favored the Cleveland Browns so much this season.

We did reach out to WWE, and a rep simply said "we will see."

But that's not all.

On Monday's Fightful Raw post-show we said we'd have news on Fightful Select about and underserved region (NOT UNDESERVED) getting a PLE.

On Wednesday, WWE announced an August 31 show for Berlin, Germany, titled Bash in Berlin. While that was a show we were referring to, that wasn't the only one we've heard. With WWE returning to the UK in 2023 for Money in The Bank, constantly going to Saudi Arabia, and announcing Elimination Chamber for Australia, don’t expect WWE to slow down doing major overseas events.

Some internal schedules in the company also have WWE Backlash listed for Paris, France in Spring of 2024, though Fightful has yet to confirm that it is finalized. We can, however, confirm that it's been discussed heavily. Names of shows can change until they're finalized.

It's worth noting that the news we got with this was coupled with Berlin news, which was eventually announced by WWE.

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