WWE Main Roster Backstage Reaction To NXT Landing On Cable TV

Ahead of last Monday, there was almost no buzz among those we spoke to about NXT moving to cable TV. It wasn't being discussed that much backstage, and nobody really seemed in the loop as to what was going on from a talent perspective. One we talked to said that it made sense, with some newly re-signed talent heading back there recently. However, in the last few days, several other main roster talent have sounded off. 

A highly placed source hit us with a "yeah, what of it?" kind of reaction when we'd asked them about it, apparently not arsed by the entire situation. Ahead of this week's shows, we were just told that the impact felt on the main roster would be minimal at least immediately.

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One talent had no clue that NXT was bound for cable, and seemed pretty detached from the news cycle when we filled them in. Meanwhile, a veteran told us that they wondered how viewers would respond to the NXT style over the course of two hours.

Another name that doesn't have the concern of traveling much had heard about it, but wasn't sure of the schedule that NXT would face, but expected it to be treated as the "third" brand regardless of buzz. They admitted it would be difficult to get people to choose NXT over the "new" feel of AEW, but thinks AEW will outdraw NXT in attendance, and NXT will outdraw AEW on TV.  The aspect they were most interested in are the producers and agents who are "all hands on deck" at tapings and PPVs, but also have to contribute at the Performance Center throughout the week. 

There were several who actually work for NXT who weren't clued in on the exact details of the deal ahead of time, and found out when everyone else did.

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