WWE Morale "At The Lowest In Years," According To WWE Talent

WWE's morale seems to be near a decades-long low, if not an all-time low in the locker room.

Since this past week's heavily criticized WWE Royal Rumble, Fightful has heard from a wealth of discouraged and disappointed WWE talent frustrated with the direction of the company. Ranging from those who are rarely on television to consistent main eventers, new names and veterans, we've heard of decreasing morale within the locker room.

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The Royal Rumble was a major point of frustration. Issues with how the match was produced, and the lack of most talent not being highlighted to maximize their presence was repeatedly noted. There were also issues with moments not being created, and the lack of capitalizing on a lot of the angles that built the match itself.

One longtime talent said that nothing matters, outside of four people "maybe," as the vibe that they get. Over a half dozen main roster talent pointed to issues with continuity and nobody else being designed to do anything. Several talent have felt like they're without a voice and are reduced to making pleas on social media.

Another talent said in the time they've been there, they've never felt "less heard," and their attempts to speak with Vince McMahon go ignored, met with haste, or sometimes seemingly spitefully go the other way based on their recommendations. We've also heard of several contradictory decisions over the course of a number of months that have reversed course to something the talent had already pitched and had denied prior.

One wrestler stated "if you see a complaint with merit and in good faith about something that lacks sense, logic or continuity, I almost guarantee we have complained too, it just never changes anything,"

Several of the talent we spoke to believe WWE eventually will sell, with one saying that's the only way they can possibly rationalize some of the decision making.

It should be noted that this report doesn't reflect the locker room as a whole, only those that we spoke to and their experiences.

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