WWE Rejected The IIconics Podcast That Was Pitched By The IInspiration

The IInspiration says WWE rejected a pitched IIconics podcast.

Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay are living their best lives outside of WWE. Not only are they currently the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions but they are also exploring multiple hobbies and interests outside of the world of wrestling such as acting and introducing their audience to their more genuine selves by way of their Off Her Chops podcast.

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Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp at WrestleCade Revenge, the former IIconics explain how they believe they got lost and trying to be superstars in WWE and how that ultimately led to them presenting inauthentic versions of themselves

Cassie began, “That’s what we wanted to create, the platform where we could create Cassie and Jessie and let people know who they are because, for the last six years, they only knew Billie and Peyton. So that was important to us.”

Jess added, “We put so much pressure on ourselves in WWE to be the perfect superstar and that’s just not real. Now we get to actually be real, down-to-earth people.”

Furthermore, they revealed that they pitched a podcast idea to WWE and WWE shot the big idea down.

Jessie began, “The podcast, we pitched it and it got a big fat no.”

Cassie added, “But we always had it in our back pocket because one day. There’s always going to be life after WWE.”

The Off Her Chops podcast that they currently host was immediately something that both women wanted to look into as soon as they were released from WWE with both recalling that they got the ball rolling no later than 24 hours after they were officially released from WWE.

Jessie pondered, "Was it the day we got released or was it one day after?”

Cassie replied, “I want to say it was pretty damn quick. It was the day after. Because Jess was like, ‘I want some time. We’re gonna move forward together, but I need some time to get through this.’ I said, ‘Yep. I respect that,’ and I couldn’t fucking wait.”

You can check out new Off Her Chops episodes on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. New episodes drop every Thursday at midnight​​​​​​.

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