Don't expect Alberto Del Rio back in WWE, despite what he's saying.

Alberto El Patron, formerly known as Alberto Del Rio, was interviewed recently, and stated that he's been in talks with WWE of late for a 2020 return. If that's the case, no sources that got back to Fightful on the situation were in the loop on that.

Fightful Select reported the following this week:

With Alberto Del Rio saying that he's in talks with WWE for a 2020 return, Fightful reached out to multiple sources within the company. One outright exclaimed "bullshit!" as a response to that.

Another doubled down on a statement they gave us last year, saying "If Paige does nothing for WWE, she's more valuable to have around than anything he could do," and saying the company wouldn't risk making her uncomfortable by having him around at this point, though their current relationship, friendship, or terms aren't known known.

The latter statement came from the same source that told Fightful last year that WWE wouldn't bother with Del Rio then either. Del Rio had stated last March that "the door was open" to a WWE return.

Del Rio has had two runs with the company, with one ending in 2014, and a second in 2016.

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