WWE Wanted "Supernatural" Aspect To Judgment Day, Edge Didn't

A big shift in the WWE roster was made with Finn Balor joining Judgment Day, and Edge being booted out.

We can confirm PWInsider's report that Edge has been moved back to the babyface side of the internal depth chart as of Tuesday. For those that are asking if the move was reactionary to Cody Rhodes' injury, we're still working to confirm that, but it seems more reactionary to the direction that WWE wanted to take Judgment Day.

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We're told that WWE had mentioned taking Judgment Day a "supernatural" route, which Edge was said to have been opposed to. Word started to emerge in the afternoon hours ahead of WWE Raw that a big shift involving Finn Balor and Edge was set to happen.

Although that was firmly set on Monday, the pitch to have Balor as a member of Judgment Day came well before that. Fightful sources had indicated to us the week prior that Balor was set to turn heel and join the group days before Hell in a Cell. However, there was no mention at that point of Edge leaving the group.

To reiterate. We haven't heard that shooting down the supernatural aspect led to Edge leaving the group.

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