Fake Sting More Popular in Japan According to Fake Sting

The fake Sting has made a rare statement.

Jeff Farmer played what was "Fake Sting" or "NWO Sting". And as this imposter, Farmer appeared on WCW television as a comedy act. His place was to show how much NWO wanted a Sting in their group. They had Fake Sting around while trying to convince Sting to join NWO. Being Fake Sting would take Farmer to Japan where he would experience his biggest success. In Japan he was apart of big feuds and popular tag teams. His role in Japan was larger than being comedic relief in WCW.

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On Episode 232 of Pancakes and Powerslams, Jeff Farmer aka Fake Sting aka "Jumpin" Jeff Farmer spoke about his time in wrestling. Host Chris Featherstone and co-host Chris Mueller had Farmer on to find out what he's doing now-a-days. Farmer said he spent 5 years in Japan after WCW and then went back to school and has been working in the medical research field. 

While in Japan, Farmer wishes he would have got a chance for one particular dream match. "My character was more popular than Sting in Japan, and I always thought we could have a huge match with the real Sting and the nWo Sting. We could have took the house down in Tokyo..." said Farmer "...what if somehow we joined up as a tag team, and then you have two Stings."

The 9th of September 1996, Lex Luger was attacked from behind by a black clothed, face painted vigilante. The crowd and Luger were sure he was attacked by his long time friend Sting. The following Sunday at WCW Fall Brawl, all of the WCW locker room thought Sting had defected to NWO. Their suspicions seemingly confirmed when they saw Sting in the ring during War Games fighting for NWO. Not until the real Sting came to the ring on behalf of WCW and won War Games, did it become clear the NWO had been up to mind tricks.

Farmer said Eric Bischoff is the one that brought him the idea for Fake Sting. "It was definitely something he kept guarded." Farmer said. Some of the locker room did not know who attacked Luger. According to Farmer, Bischoff said if it got out, he would end the angle. As it turned out, there was a powerful reason the character stayed around.

"I don't think it was going to be a continuing character. I think [Hulk] Hogan liked it, and he said hey, this is good! We can use this 'bad Sting' character to cause a lot of havoc and work with the nWo," said Farmer.

You can hear the full interview at this link.

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