Fight-size Wrestling Update: John Cena Finished With Live Events, Roman Reigns' Return, Austin Aries, More

Fight-size Wrestling update for July 18, 2016.

- Sasha Banks is claiming that Bayley will not be her mystery partner at Battleground. "I don't want her as my partner [so] stop tweeting me," Sanks said. "She's in NXT and I don't want to bring her up here, because I don't want to lose. Bayley!," Sasha said in a video.

- Mandy Leone, Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young missed last night's ROH tapings. Young and Bruiser's flight never took off and Mandy had an illness, according to PWInsider.

- Also according to PWInsider, ROH is still planning to do events with NJPW, even though NJPW seems set to tour the U.S. by themselves.

- Austin Aries took to Twitter to clarify that he didn't "no show" or "unexpectedly miss" any NXT events, and said he was at the tapings. He didn't no show any events, but he did unexpectedly miss several, as he was advertised for them.

- Roman Reigns returns to the ring Saturday at a WWE live event in Wildwood, New Jersey.

- John Cena worked his last North American live event Sunday night, at least far as they're scheduled.

- Miz and Mark Henry attended the ESPY Awards this weekend.

- ROH Final Battle tickets are on sale this week.

By Fightful Staff

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