Fight-size Wrestling Update: Vince McMahon Upset At Roman Reigns, Jericho Merch, Mick Foley, Cody Rhodes, Austin Aries

- Paul Heyman addressed a heckler the other night at one of his shows in the UK. You can check out a video of the incident above.

- The Wrestling Observer reported that Vince McMahon was upset about Roman Reigns' recent Wellness Test failure, to the point in which Reigns may not be pushed as the top guy.

- Chris Jericho noted in a recent interview with Ted Gruber of Fansided that he doesn't want merchandise as a heel, because he doesn't want to endear himself to crowds. You can see the full interview at this link.

- Mick Foley was at last night's NXT live event in Highland Heights, but didn't appear in front of the crowd. Speaking of Foley, he's working with KultureCity, a non-profit organization to help those with autism.

- Cody Rhodes has specified on Twitter that he is legally able to use the Rhodes name for wrestling appearances outside of the WWE.

- Austin Aries was set to appear at this weekend's NXT live events, but has been pulled. No word yet on why the move happened. Aries also wasn't at this week's NXT tapings.

By Fightful Staff