Fightful Launches FightfulGaming.Com

Fightful is proud to announce the launch of Fightful Gaming.

For the last four-plus years, Fightful has brought you pro wrestling and combat sports news in our own unique way. We've been fortunate enough to branch into Youtube, as well as our premium Fightful Select service. We've now decided to have a dedicated section to combat sports and wrestling gaming, and the personalities around them.

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With gaming growing to new heights, our coverage has accelerated accordingly. From reporting about the catastrophes associated with WWE gaming, to covering some of the emerging challengers, we've thoroughly enjoyed this coverage.

Even though we've not dedicated ourselves quite like this before, we've broken news about WWE's plans to bring in Eminem for WWE 2K20 and the subsequent fallout that emerged from it (You're welcome for that, Em). Fightful has also had Q&A sessions with RetroMania Arcade creators, updating you on the progress of that. We've had arguably the most extensive coverage of the upcoming Virtual Basement wrestling title of any wrestling website, getting info straight from the company, posting the updated roster, as well as speaking to wrestlers on the record about their experiences.

Outside of wrestling, both Carlos Toro this year, and Mike Straw in 2017 provided updates on the boxing gaming landscape with exclusive information. Shakiel Mahjouri has also published feature videos on the newest EA UFC effort.

Any suggestions you have, please reach out and let us know. Our rollout will be slow, but we're looking to make this a one stop shop for wrestling and MMA gaming with content both relevant today and to years gone by.

Fightful will continue to stream wrestling, MMA, boxing and other combat sports related games on our Youtube Channels without a regular schedule, though that will likely change as the outlet grows. In time, we're hoping that Fightful Gaming becomes a force in gaming in general, even outside the sphere of wrestling and combat.

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