Fighting Fun: "Broken" Matt Hardy Cuts Old School Promo On Young Bucks With His Obsolete Mule

"Broken" Matt Hardy keeps delivering gold.

As if "The Final Deletion" and his contract signing weren't enough, Matt Hardy conducted a Reddit Ask Me Anything last week that was in typical Matt Hardy fashion. That wasn't enough for Hardy, who is arguably in his best run -- he cut an old school promo on the Young Bucks promoting an upcoming match.

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The Hardy Boyz are facing The Bucks in Santiago, Chile on August 7th, and Matt took to his Youtube page along side his "obsolete mule" Jeff Hardy to talk up the match. Jeff has been under Matt's control since being "deleted" during The Final Deletion.

Matt Hardy specified that he was a fan of The Young Bucks' antics, but now they have to be deleted after challenging the two. Jeff had a triangle and conducted a pre-emptive ten bell salute before telling the Bucks that he's in kind of an unusual place right now.

If this Matt Hardy is Broken, we don't want him fixed.

By Fightful Staff