The First Iron Man Match In NXT UK Takes Place, Ends With 2-1 Score

A-Kid is now the Iron Man of NXT UK.

In the first-ever Iron Man match in NXT UK history, A-Kid was able to defeat Jordan Devlin by utilizing two intense arm submissions for a final score of 2-1. Here's how it all went down:

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30 Minute Ironman Match
Jordan Devlin vs A-Kid

The two start the match off by grappling on the mat until as the NXT UK Tag title match between the champions Pretty Deadly and Moustache Mountain is made official by commentary and a graphic is shown for the match to take place in two weeks time. A gets to his feet and dropkicks Jordan who rolls out of the ring before taking his time getting back inside and A takes Jordan down with a side headlock take over before Jordan applies a head scissors and A kips up before Jordan kicks at the knee of A and the two go back to grapping on the mat. A locks in an omoplata before Jordan gets to the ropes for the break before they have a test of strength and Jordan repeatedly pins the shoulders of A down to the mat for several two counts before Jordan locks in a Gory special and Jordan turns it into a back slide for several more two counts. A powers up and locks in an armbar before Jordan gets to the ropes for the break and rolls out of the ring before getting back inside and stuffing a double leg by A before Jordan applies a hammer lock and A takes him down with a single leg before the two counter each other's submission attempts. A locks in a standing guillotine before Jordan backs him into the ropes for the break before slapping A who taks Jordan down and Jordan traps him in the ropes before focusing on his now injured leg until he locks in a sharpshooter and forces A to tap to go up one fall to none.

Jordan Devlin goes up 1-0

Jordan stays on A and clubs him across the back before going back to his knee and A comes back with chops and Jordan counters a suplex into a scoop slam for two before chop blocking the knee of A before kicking it out from under him and sending him head over heels and driving his knee into the mat. A leaps over a chop block and hits a moonsault into a German that he turns into a sleeper before Jordan gets to the ropes for the break and Jordan goes back to the knee of A by driving his knee into the post and applying a figure four around the post to the count of four. Back in the ring Jordan goes right back to the knee of A before locking in a half crab and transitions into a full Boston crab before A gets to the ropes before Jordan drops A with a stiff forearm before kicking A in the chest. The two exchange strikes and Germans until Jordan suplexes them over the top rope and they crash down onto the floor with A landing on top of Jordan before A gets back inside and Jordan gets back in at nine before A locks in a omoplata and Jordan gets to the ropes for the break. A counters a slingshot cutter and locks in a sleeper before nearly choking Jordan out and hitting a running PK for a near fall before Jordan drops A with a stiff forearm and nearly falls down himself before they exchange strikes until A gets a near fall off of a rebound superman forearm. A then locks in a omoplata before transitioning to an armbar for the tap to even the score one to one.

A-Kid evens things at 1 fall a piece.

Jordan repeatedly gets out of the ring while trying to pop his shoulder back into place before A sends Jordan over the top rope and down onto the floor before knocking him off of the apron repeatedly before A rocks Jordan with chops and forearms before launching him over the post and down onto the floor. Jordan grabs a chair and A superkicks him before he can use it as time counts down to under nine minutes left in the match before A rolls Jordan back inside and goes up top before hitting a diving cross body for a near fall before Jordan catches A's foot when he goes for a running dropkick before hitting a V-Trigger for a near fall. A kicks Jordan through the ropes before Jordan crawls back inside and the two exchange strikes until Jordan headbutts A and collapses on top of him for a near fall before they exchange on their knees agaisnt the ropes and they end up on the edge of the apron. A nearly knocks Jordan out with an upkick before Jordan rolls off and stands on his feet before Jordan hits Devlinside off of the apron and onto the floor before A gets back inside at nine and hits a Destroyer into a running dropkick for a near fall. A then goes back to the armbar before transitioning between submissions until submitting Jordan to go up two falls to one as time ticks down before the two brawl as time ends.

Winner: A-Kid defeats Jordan Devlin two falls to one with two submissions.

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