Former WWE VP Of TV Tech Shares Behind The Scenes Stories Of Wholesome Moments And Wrestlers

Kevin Quinn spent over 35 years in WWE, working as a Sr. Editor, Director of Editing, Technical Director, Director, and VP of TV Technology.

He was released this year due to COVID-related cutbacks.

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Quinn took to Reddit to answer a variety of questions, including what it was like working with certain wrestlers and some of his best moments.

When asked about his proudest moment, Quinn replied, "We did a video where Mick Foley as Mankind introduced Dude Love and Cactus Jack. We used Ultimatte and actually had Mankind high five himself as Dude Love. Lots of creativity and lots of fun."

He also noted, "A Macho Man Randy Savage video that I was pretty proud of. Also a Lex Luger video I thought was pretty special," as some proud moments.

When asked about certain wrestlers, Quinn described Roddy Piper as "extremely friendly" and Taz as "awesome. Very friendly to everyone."

He said about John Cena, "More than anyone else to participate in Make-A-Wish."

Replying to a question about the funniest and most serious people to work with, Quinn replied, "By far Mean Gene or Bobby Heenan were the funniest. Bob Backlund was the most serious. He would take 40 takes to get something right."

Quinn was asked about the most polite wrestler and he said, "The Rock made a plaque that still hangs this day in the TV Production facility thanking all of the people behind the scenes that helped make him what he is."

Finally, Quinn shared the following story when asked about a wholesome backstage moment.

"I took my son and his friend to a show in Bridgeport. My son had crutches that he said he didn't need anymore. I said keep them and it'll be a conversation starter. Well as wrestlers were leaving the ring after warming up they all came up to him and asked him what happened. Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Triple H, etc," he wrote.

Elsewhere during the Reddit AMA, Quinn described what it was like to work for Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn. You can find his replies by clicking here.

You can read the entire Reddit AMA by clicking here.

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