Former WWE Writer On Riott Squad: "They Were F---ing Awesome"

Kazeem Famuyide recounts one of his first assignments in WWE.

Former WWE creative writer Kazeem Famuyide departed from World Wrestling Entertainment in early February. As he shared the news that he was no longer a part of the sports-entertainment company, there was an outpour of support form his peers on social media that were proud of him for the time he spent in WWE and what he accomplished there. 

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Kazeem started with WWE in May of 2018 and he was with the company for nine months. He recently made his return to the 'Wrassle Rap' podcast and did a tell-all interview about some of the positive and negative experiences that he's had while working in WWE. Kazeem recalled one of his first assignments and that was to work with Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott who make up The Riott Squad. Famuyide shared that it was awesome to work with the trio and recalled Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan questioning who he was because they came across his Twitter profile and saw the verification and followers and joked about wanting to know who Kazeem was.

“So my first couple of writing assignments were working with The Riott Squad. The Riott Squad, they were so f*cking awesome and I love Liv Morgan to death because her and Sarah would come up to me -- they had followed me on Twitter afterwards and they’d be like, ‘Who are you!? And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And [they’re] like, ‘I saw you on Twitter and you have so many rappers and people that follow you. What did you do before you got… who are you!?’ But like, I had so much fun with them because basically, my assignment was, alright, the Riott Squad’s gonna be walking through the hallway and they’re just gonna f*ck some sh*t up, so just have them fu*k sh*t up. So I’m like, really? Like yeah. So, that was so much fun. My first four weeks was just getting with Ruby, Liv and Sarah and just having them trash hallways, trash locker rooms, cut people’s ties in half, writing lipstick on people. I think there was a scene where I got pushed into something. Oh, perfect.” He recalled.

Famuyide then went on to speak about his first day on the job and being on television his first day. Kazeem was a part of the segment when Kevin Owens was attempting to leave the arena and get away from Braun Strowman (He can be seen at the ten second mark in the video below). Kazeem stated that when people realized he was on TV, his phone was clouded with messages on social media from people who were genuinely excited to see him on WWE television.

“My first ever day on the job, I was on TV, literally that day. [It] was the RAW when it was Kevin Owens versus Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens was trying to leave the arena. He was sprinting out the arena and he’s asking for his keys -- asking the valet for his keys and I guess Ryan Ward was talking to the valet guy and Ryan Ward leaves and then he asked me and the writers this thing, ‘Where’s the valet!? Where’s the valet!?’ I point to him and I point to the valet, and as soon as I point -- it was live too. It wasn’t like a pre-taped joint because it was right after the match so we had to do it live-liive." He said. "My phone was in my pocket. I remember as soon as I pointed and the camera went off me, my phone just explodes. It fu*king explodes like oh sh*t, RealLifeKaz is on RAW. I’m getting the TDEWrestling GIFS and all the wrestling GIF sites and sh*t and I’m like, ‘Woah’.”



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