Former WWE Writer Recalls Vince McMahon Wanting To Donate A Hospital Wing

Vince McMahon was ready to donate a hospital wing after a pitched storyline that never ended up happening.

Former WWE writer Jon Rineman took part in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday and was asked for any crazy Vince stories from his time in the company.

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Rineman gave the following answer:

As far as a crazy Vince story: we had an idea where someone was going to attack somebody in a hospital. And then I had an idea for it that Vince liked, then Heyman had a bunch of ideas Vince liked. So, Vince thinks about it and says: “We’re really gonna fuck up this hospital. How much would it cost to rebuild?” He stops, thinks a second, then says, matter-of-factly, “Hmm. I might have to donate a wing to a hospital. How much does that cost?” So, our writer’s assistant started looking up how much it cost to donate a wing to a hospital.

Then later in the meeting, another idea came up that nixed the hospital idea, and Vince said, “Which one is the one without buying the hospital wing? Do that one.” Then he stopped and said, “I should donate a wing somewhere though…” and it got quiet while he thought. Then he took out his pencil and I saw him write “Hospital.”

It is unknown if Vince did end up donating a hospital wing or what the original storyline entailed.

When asked the best joke he's ever written, Rineman said it came from his time in WWE:

“There’s always room for one more…” - Bray Wyatt, Firefly Funhouse. There is no feeling in the world as a WWF fan of the 90s than Vince going, “MMMMMM - that’s some good shit!” and winking at you.

The line came from Wyatt's promo against Hulk Hogan back in February.

You can view Rineman's entire Reddit AMA by clicking here.

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