Frank Turner Discusses Spearing CM Punk In A Music Video

Musician Frank Turner released the music video for his song "The Next Storm" in 2015. The video features a cameo by former WWE Champion CM Punk, who ends up working what might be considered his last official match.

Speaking to Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda, Turner revealed that Daniel Bryan was originally set to be in the video, but his neck injury forced him out, and how he was able to get CM Punk for the video.

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"My friend Ben, who is like my videographer, or whatever, for the music that I make and all the rest of it, he's a big old wrestling fan. I was into, like, WWF in the early '90s when I was younger and sort of lost touch with it since then - I can tell you about the Undertaker and Royal Rumbles and all that kind of business - but he's a big wrestling fan! Ben again turned round and told me about CM Punk, who was somebody who I was not super familiar with. Turns out me and Phil, as his mum calls him, had a very close mutual friend who is a guy called Ryan plays with a band called Off With Their Head, who are a punk band from Chicago, who you should check out if you haven't, they're brilliant. He put us in touch, and Punk was amazing. I sent him a mail and said, "I've got this idea for a video, are you up for it?" He took about half a day to reply and was like, 'Yeah, sounds cool.' It was like, 'Oh, okay!'"

Turner continued, discussing the wrestling match the two shot for the video.

"He came down for the shoot, and Ben had choreographed at all, with Punk, and we did a bunch of moves. I actually had a training day, because we shot it in Chicago, and I had a training day in London where this guy showed me how to do a fall and do various other things, and it was just all terrifying to me. It was like, 'What is going on?' I learned a lot about wrestling in the process, about how physical it is. The craziest part of the video, there is a bit where... Punk suggested a move when we were in the ring, he was like, 'How about a running knee strike to the face?' and I went... 'Oh, that sounds amazing!' And he set it up, put me in the corner and he was like, 'Right, don't move,' and then just ran at me and jumped and did this move. I was just like 'Oh, my God.' I've never s**t myself so much in my life. But yeah, we put it in the video. I did a spear at the end. That was funny as well because it took like five or six takes to do it because I did it and Punk was like, 'No, man, you've got to commit,' so I do it again and he was like, 'Dude, you cannot hurt me.' He was like, 'You physically cannot hurt me, just give it what you've got,' and I was like... [Frank roars] ..and just went for it. But it was a great thing, it was a really, really cool day. He's a lovely guy," said Turner.

Fans can watch the music video in the featured player above.

In other CM Punk news, it's highly unlikely he returns to WWE based on the latest report. You can read how Vince McMahon feels about Punk and doing business with him by clicking here.

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