Gangrel, Hurricane Helms, Private Party Make Cameos In Wild ‘Elite Deletion’ Match At AEW Full Gear

Matt Hardy's revenge has reached its completion in The Elite Deletion

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara finally got to finish their feud at AEW Full Gear in a wild cinematic match at the Hardy compound. 

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Initially, the match saw appearances by other members of the Inner Circle faction, Private Party, and Gangrel who was holding Hurricane Helms hostage in an effort to try to save Sammy Guevara.

In the end, Matt and Sammy would be locked in the dome of deletion, where Matt Hardy would finally get his revenge after months of attacks and defeat the young “Spanish God” before throwing him in a garbage bin and having Senor Benjamin dispose of him.

Elite Deletion Match
Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

Sammy arrives at the Hardy Compound as we see he's being watched by Neo 1 and Matt welcomes him via a hologram. Matt nearly kills Sammy when he drives over his golf cart with a monster truck before Sammy hits him with a trash can at the match starts. Sammy gets two before hitting Matt with the trash can several more times and Matt suplexes Sammy onto the ground. Matt sends Sammy face first into a tree before Sammy superkicks him and suplexes Matt onto his own front lawn for two. Sammy beats Matt down by the fountain before Matt hits Sammy with a scepter. Matt and Sammy make their way to a ring set up outside before rolling him into the ring and missing a running splash in the corner. Sammy hits an enzuigiri before Matt hits a Side Effect for two and gets attacked by Ortiz and Santana. Private Party come to Matt's aid and even the odds before Matt uses a Roman candle before Sammy fires back at Matt with one of his own. Private Party take out Santana and Ortiz before Matt hits Sammy with a Twist of Fate and Gangrel shows up with Hurricane Helms hostage. Matt saves Hurricane before Sammy takes out Hurricane before superkicking Matt and Shane Helms before dumping him into the Lake of Reincarnation. Everyone makes their way back to the ring before all eight men brawl in and around the ring until Sammy stalks Matt into the dark woods. Sammy stalks Matt with a sledgehammer before Neo 1 locks Sammy in the Dome of Deletion. Sammy detaches the bottom turnbuckle and hits him with the hook before wrapping the rope around Matt's neck. Sammy nearly chokes Matt unconscious before laying him on a table in the center of the ring. Sammy climbs a ladder and mocks Matt before hitting a Swanton Bomb off of the ladder and onto Matt through the table for a near fall. Matt . then comes back with a Twist of Fate before they go through a table at ringside and hits Sammy with a chair before hitting him across the back of the head with the chair for the pin and the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy defeats Sammy Guevara via pinfall.

- Matt and Private Party put Sammy in a garbage can after the match and put it into the back of a pickup truck before Senor Benjamin drives off as Reby plays the piano.

Earlier in the day, Matt spoke about this match as a moment of redemption. Learn more here.

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