Giovanna Angle And Kim Orton Discuss 'The Wives Of Wrestling' Podcast, Advice From Their Husbands

Giovanna Angle and Kim Orton are excited to bring a new perspective to the world of wrestling podcasts.

In the somewhat oversaturated world of wrestling podcasts, Giovanna Angle, the wife of Kurt Angle, and Kim Orton, the wife of Randy Orton, will be jumping into a new venture hosted by Jon Alba entitled The Wives of Wrestling Podcast.

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Providing a behind-the-scenes look from a different perspective as opposed to certain podcasts hosted by personalities known for their time in the world of wrestling, Kim and Giovanna are not looking to bring any negativity to this face and are just looking to have fun, as they explained in a new interview with Denise Salcedo.

Speaking about the new venture, Giovanna explained what advice Kurt Angle gave her before starting a podcast, of course, Kurt Angle hosts his own podcast, the Kurt Angle Show.

Giovanna Angle began, “Kurt knows me and Kim {laughs} they expect us to do something like this. The only thing that he advised me to do, is he said `I am friends with the boys, if you’re trying to do a podcast you gotta respect the business like I do. These fans are loyal so do not lose them and you gotta respect them... I want you guys to know that while we’re doing this podcast we’re not gonna throw our husbands' friends' families under the bus, this is not what this podcast is about. We are just gonna have fun, this is about our inside life stories, personal stories, and situations. It’s just a fun time, we’re gonna have shots, we’re gonna play some games, but this is not going to be a reality show where we’re gonna be talking crap about people’s lives and start like whatever, we’re not gonna do that. Our husbands are best friends with the boys, it’s their families, so we do want to make that known.”

Kim Orton added, "We’re not here to bash anybody, we’re just here to have fun."

Speaking about the advice that Randy Orton gave, Randy was more playful in his advice, jokingly suggesting that Kim try to avoid slipping into her New York accent.

Kim said, ”He’s funny {laughs} we’re super playful with each other, so he was like ‘wow you’re gonna put your big mouth to use, I love it. Make that money girl.’ {laughs} His number one advice to me; so I am from New York, and I live in Missouri now, and he said ‘be you.’ He goes ‘that’s why people are drawn to you. Don’t try to be something else. Don’t try to be like a TV personality or something like that. Be you.Talk like you. Don’t pronounce your R’s ’ {laughs} he’s not really nervous, he’s kinda like an open book. He lets everyone know exactly what he is thinking at all times so he’s really not worried about that end of it. But he knows me, he knows I am not trying to hurt anybody or get on anybody’s bad side for any reason. That’s just not me, and that’s not Giovanna and he knows we’re just gonna come on and have some fun. "

The podcast will officially premiere on Monday, February 7, 2022, as the latest show to join the Podcast Heat family. You can listen to a preview of the podcast at this link.

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