Goldberg Says He's Mike Tyson, Not Evander Holyfield; "This Is Gonna Be A Blood-fest"

 Goldberg was the special guest on the first episode of Edge & Christian's Pod of Awesomeness and he addressed the complaints that he only appears to have two moves, and can't seem to wrestle more a match that lasts longer than a minute-and-a-half.

"Now everybody is like 'Goldberg can only go two moves, he can't go 13 seconds without sweating; how they going to put on a show at this one to be better or much better or great compared to what they did before?' No pressure on me, guys! ...

"The two moves or the three moves that you've seen already are just... here's the deal, okay? Here's the difference, and this really pisses me off sometimes too, some people like to watch Evander Holyfield go 12 rounds to a decision; some people like to watch Mike Tyson go out, throw one shot, lift the guy off his damn feet, and put him on his back; I just so happen to be that guy who lifts people off their feet from on their back. So if somebody says 'hey, man, would you like to go out and be Evander Holyfield and go 12 rounds and go to a decision?' My answer is going to be 'hell no.' That's what most people do. I was born into this position and I'm going to do what I'm told to do and I'm going to do, at the end of the day, what I think people want to see.

"Hopefully at (WrestleMania) 33 I'm able to bring out some stuff that I haven't shown, that I haven't been able to do because of constraints. This ain't gonna be no... hey, he knows what's coming, I know what's coming. I don't think we're gonna catch each other by surprise. So I think this is gonna be a blood fest. It's gonna be a knock down, drag out war and if I get him in the Thai Plum, don't think I'm not going to drive one of my knees straight through his solar plexus. I may have been away for a long time and I may not have been practicing my wrestling moves throughout the years but going back to what's in ya, I still have a lot of that stuff in me and I still can do a lot of it. I'm going to have to bring every single thing out of me at 33. I just gotta learn to relax, learn to have fun in there while I'm smashing him, and regulate my air. I believe that it was much more important for me to be aesthetically what I was like in the past as opposed to a dude who could run around for 20 minutes."

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So to recap, Goldberg says he's not Evander Holyfield, who goes 12 rounds to a decision, he's Mike Tyson, who knocks a guy out with one shot.

He then says it's going to be "a knock-down, drag-out war," and "a blood-fest." Meaning he doesn't believe he'll be able to knock out Brock with one shot this time, and the fight might last 12 rounds (or the wrestling equivalent).

But he just said he's not the guy who fights that kind of fight.

We'll have to see what goes down on Sunday night, but one thing's for sure, and that is that Goldberg can't win this match with just two moves.

Or can he? 

Serious question there. Can he?

I just don't know anymore...

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