Goldberg Thinks Hulk Hogan Deserves A Chance To Address WWE Locker Room

Goldberg believes even Hulk Hogan should get a second chance.

Hulk Hogan has not been involved with WWE since 2015 after he and WWE parted ways after a scandal involving a sex tape and a racial tirade. In an interview with CBS Sports' podcast In This Corner, fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Goldberg said Hogan deserves a chance to at least step into the locker room again and acknowledge his mistakes.

"Oh, that's not for me to judge. I think everybody deserves a second chance. I think you put (Hogan) in the locker room and give him the floor and let him speak his mind. That's what he deserves. Who knows what happens from there but it's not for me to say by any means. I can just give you my opinion and say that he deserves the floor and who knows where it goes from there," said Goldberg.

Leading up to WrestleMania 34, the rumors about Hulk Hogan re-emerged as tradition has dictated during WrestleMania season. He was involved this year with the HBO Andre the Giant documentary which fed rumors but he put those to rest in an interview where he said "maybe some day" he will be back with WWE.

There were also reports of WWE being interested in Hogan in some sort of educational role for their current talents but those have not yet come to fruition.

The full interview with Goldberg is available on the CBS Sports website.