Good Brothers Recall Triple H Asking For His Line During A Promo With CM Punk

Many ex-former WWE stars have made it no secret that they are not a fan of scripted promos in the company.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) have certainly used their creative freedom outside of WWE to their advantage, and sometimes detriment, doing things their way on AEW and IMPACT along with outside ventures like Talk N Shop and Talk N Shop-AMania.

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On the latest episode of Talk N Shop, The Good Brothers reflected on the infamous "Old Day" segment during their rivalry with The New Day in WWE and how giving scripted lines to an extra got them heat.

"You can't say enough good about [New Day] and you can't say enough good things about Big E and the man that he is, giving back to [Brodie Lee's] family. Back to the [Old Day] segment. Who thinks, and this is when you have too many writers in the room and things get lost, you can't give extras on television pages of script and think they're going to remember it," said Gallows.

They noted in the segment that they asked an extra his name and he said "Sonny....Boy," before giving them nothing else to work with.

Anderson added, "When we were trying to go over this thing, we didn't think it was very funny anyway. We're going over it and I'm like, 'Fuck, I don't know. These guys have a lot of lines' and the segment depended on the extras and their lines."

Gallows reflected back on his time as extra in WWE and how scared he was despite having no lines to remember.

"I'll compare it to this. When I was 20 years old, I was an extra in the ring during the Kurt Angle challenge. I wasn't event the guy who got the match. I was the cop who held the gold medal. I've been watching this shit my whole life, but I'm so nervous and that I'm shaking, worried about fucking up. Think about these guys, thinking like that, and they have five pages of lines to remember. There's no fucking chance. You have to have some training and experience to be given that responsibility," he said.

Anderson said he forgot his lines and had to ask Gallows in his second segment in WWE, but fortunately, it was a dark segment.

Gallows then recalled Triple H forgetting his lines during a segment with CM Punk.

"We're in the ring one time. I'm 25, so I still have the nerves. I'm with [CM] Punk and Serena [Deeb] and Triple H. I remember being there and you think that these guys don't fuck anything up, ever. We're standing in the ring, Punk and Hunter are promoing back and forth, they do something, Punk gets a pop, Hunter gets a pop, and then Hunter drops the mic to his pecs and goes, 'What's my line?' and Punk [feeds it to him]. Even those guys, it's hard to remember all those fucking lines," he stated.

After leaving WWE, Jon Moxley has famously made his issues on scripted promos known, commenting that he no longer feels the pressure of a script from an old man. You can find his comments by clicking here.

The Good Brothers recently lost their IMPACT Tag Team Titles to FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) at IMPACT Sacrifice. They are set to compete on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite against Moxley & Eddie Kingston.

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