The Good Brothers Were Too Busy 'Catching A Cizz' To Save The Young Bucks From Inner Circle Attack

Gallows and Anderson were late saving Matt and Nick Jackson from an attack on the most recent episode of Dynamite but they had a good reason. For them, masturbation takes top priority over friendship.

The latest edition of Being The Elite opened with The Young Bucks asking Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson why they were so late saving them from an attack perpetrated by the Inner Circle on the February 17 episode of AEW Dynamite. While The Good Brothers played coy, a flashback would show what actually happened.

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As it turns out, Gallows and Anderson were on their way to save their friends, Kenny Omega was stopped from doing the same by Don Callis when Gallows revealed that when he gets nervous he has to “catch a cizz” and off he went into the bathroom to relieve his nerves. Anderson then decided that this was a good idea and off he went into the women's bathroom with the same intention in mind.

“A quick cum for the boys,” said The Machine Gun.

So, there you have it. There is no collusion or deception, just a couple of Good Brothers relieving their nerves.

This episode of BTE also featured The Dark Order reveling in their big moment from the last episode of Dynamite deciding that they looked pretty cool like “the cat's pajamas,” “the bee's knees,” or, as John Silver put it, “the frog’s pussy.”

They all then came to the realization that Adam Page is very sexually active because he is a good-looking man when Adam entered the room and joined The Dark Order… in a chant of “Hangman Fucks!”

The group then decided that Hangman could be their friend with benefits and Adam agreed before they all decided to go watch Hangman pee.

Also, it was announced that Sammy Guevara will defend the BTE Championship on his own vlog against his mother this week.

You can check out the full episode of BTE here.

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