Huge Names Announced As Raw And Smackdown General Managers

WWE brought back two fan favorites to run Raw and Smackdown as general managers, respectively.

Stephanie McMahon announced former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer Mick Foley as the Raw general manager to kick off Monday's episode of Raw. Foley stumbled in his opening promo before making his pitch to fans that Raw would be the superior brand.

Foley is no stranger to authority roles on WWE television, as he had a memorable run throughout 2000 as WWE commissioner before leaving the spot in December 2000. Foley would briefly return in October 2001 during the Invasion angle.

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Not to be outdone, Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon announced former WrestleMania main eventer and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan as his general manager. With a smile on his face, Bryan returned to the WWE before being critcized by Stephanie for "pandering." Bryan and Shane both unleashed burns, with Bryan saying Stephanie doesn't understand pandering because she's never been cheered, and Shane saying she had to marry a wrestler to stay relevant.

Bryan pointed out that he overcame the odds before to beat the Authority, and with the help of the audience, would again

By Sean Ross Sapp