IMPACT Wrestling Star Talks Advice He Received About Vince McMahon

IMPACT Wrestling star Kongo Kong recently joined The Roman Show, and topics included how he likes having Jeff Jarrett as a boss and some advice he once received about Vince McMahon.

Kong says that Jarrett is doing great as captain of the Impact ship and Kong loves working for him.

"He is one of the coolest guys or bosses I have worked for. He has a knack for knowing what works. He lets us do our thing."

He also spoke about a little advice that he got from late WWE superstar Matt Anoai, aka Rosey, about Vince McMahon: "I was told one time by Rosey, he said if you get a job with Vince McMahon, he'll ask you to stay on the ground and be a big man and fight like a big man and not do this flying crap, I don't know what his angle was when he told me that but I said 'With all due respect I don't work for Vince, but when I do I'll do what he tells me to, but in the mean time I need to separate myself'."

Kongo is a face-painting big man who has been working with Laurel Van Ness on Impact, and a veteran of Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling. The entire interview with The Roman Show can be found at this link.

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