Ivar vs. Dolph Ziggler At Raw Underground Set For 8/24 WWE Raw

Raw Underground next week will feature its first grudge match.

On tonight's edition of Raw Underground, Dolph Ziggler and Erik of the Viking Raiders had a match, but it was quickly over after Ziggler poked Erik's eye, which gave Ziggler a chance to lock in a chokehold and score the victory. Afterwards, an angry Ivar stormed the ring and confronted Ziggler, shoving him into the crowd.

Below is the segment written from Fightful's live coverage of Raw:

Raw Underground is back and Erik defeats some unknown person, Erik calls out Dolph Ziggler after the fight and Ziggler wins with a rear naked choke after a thumb to the eye. Ivar attacks Ziggler afterwards and sends him into the crowd.

For full results of Raw, check out Fightful's live coverage at this link.

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