Jake "The Snake" Roberts Wishes That WWE Would Take Better Care Of The Bray Wyatt Character

Jake Roberts wants better for Bray Wyatt.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts has been making the rounds on the media circuit as of late. Roberts is further opening up about the hardships he has been through in life regarding his alcohol problems among other battles he has had to overcome. Roberts' message to those who are currently in the same fight that he once was in is to stay persistent and never give up. 

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Other than providing inspiration to others through his own story, Jake Roberts still has the wrestling fan burning inside of him and while talking on the 'Asberry Park Press' and USA Today Network's 'Fan Theory' podcast, Roberts mentioned one WWE superstar in particular who he would like to see treated better character-wise and that is former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt made a surprise return at WWE Starrcade on November 24th but prior to that the last time he wrestled was at a September 15th live event in Texas. Roberts feels that WWE needs to give Wyatt the ball and let him run with it and does not understand why they do not let him do just that.

“I think he’s somebody that has something different to offer, and I just wish to hell they’d leave him alone and let him run with it instead of beating him down and jerking him back and forth," Roberts said of Wyatt. "I mean, I get it man, they doing a different product now and all this, but you’ve got to take care of great talent man, and they’re not taking care of him, and I don’t understand why. But I’m sure they have a reason, and as long as it’s their company, it’s their reason and they’ll do it when they want to. So I’ve got to stay the hell out of it, don’t I?"

Jake "The Snake" Roberts is not a fan of wrestlers being so open on social media but he listed off a few names that he would've been active with if a Twitter or Instagram was around during his era.

“I don’t know what these guys today are doing, man," Roberts said. "They need to do something different though. I don’t like some parts of the product these days. I know Vince is very successful and cutting-edge or whatever, but I just don’t like the flavor it is today so I just kind of leave it alone. For my show, I’m going to take people on a walk through the past man. I’m not trying to tell them what’s happening today because I don’t keep up with it that much." He continued, "But I am going to talk about Mr. Fuji and talk about Andre and talk about the Macho Man of course. (I’ll) probably talk about Undertaker a little bit, Hacksaw a few times and finish off with who knows what, but it is a good time, man.”


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