Jeff Jarrett: GCW Was Successful Long Before Matt Cardona, EFFY Is Entitled

Jeff Jarrett made a surprise appearance at GCW Die 4 This and he is not done.

EFFY was giving his State of EFFY address at GCW Die 4 This, saying he was fine, when the lights came up and Jarrett was standing in the ring. Jarrett smashed a guitar over EFFY's head, signifying his arrival at GCW.

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Speaking on his My World podcast, Jarrett gave some details as to why he decided to link up with GCW.

"It's no secret, I'm in the promotion game and Brett [Lauderdale] and Game Changer Wrestling have been on my radar...Matt Cardona thinks he put them on the map, it's kind of the bone I want to pick. Not with Cardona, or just Cardona or EFFY or event Brett or Game Changer. If you play an extension of your real personality, there is always some authenticity to it and I enjoy it as a talent. As a viewer or a fan, going back to the Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman deal, 'is that real?' There was definitely some realism because Lawler didn't like Kaufman viewpoint on the south and the fans and all that. When it's time for me to speak about Game Changer, I will," said Jarrett.

Though Jarrett offered to speak more on his GCW appearance at a later date, he continued, taking further aim at Cardona and EFFY.

"I guess you can call it self-entitlement. Cardona tweets that he put them on the map and that it was the best year of his life. The reality is, Matt, you want to be applauded for actually putting on your big boy britches and going to work. You're wrong. Game Changer was super successful long before you were around. I was at the show and I heard the talk for quite some time about these deathmatches and I'm thinking, 'deathmatches were around long before Game Changer.' ECW had a thread in there. ECW folks want to say, 'We created hardcore.' No, you didn't. I like to say that these guys get out over their skeez a little too far. I can't wait to get off my chest a few things. EFFY is something else, I'll just say that. You talk about an entitled, Independent...I'm going to be nice. It's just bizarre, these guys that really think they are something. At the end of the day, this business has been around long before they came along and it will be around long after they are gone. I can probably say this as somewhat of an authority, good, bad, love me, hate me, I've been around for 35+ years and going. I have some proof in the pudding," he said.

Before his appearance at GCW Die 4 This, Jarrett smashed a guitar over the head of Cardona at WrestleCade 2021. Cardona announced that he had quit GCW following Blood on the Hills when he and Chelsea Green lost to EFFY & Allie Katch.

When asked by Conrad Thompson if Jarrett was gearing up for an in-ring return, Jarrett replied, "Get back in the ring as in have a match or get back in the ring and beat people up with some guitars?"

GCW announced that Jarrett will return to the promotion on January 15 in Chicago at Say You Will.

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