Jeff Jarrett Recalls Getting Kicked By Chuck Norris At Survivor Series 1994

Jeff Jarrett stepped up to Chuck Norris at Survivor Series 1994 and paid the price.

At Survivor Series 1994, The Undertaker was once again facing Yokozuna. The Casket Match they would have at that year's Survivor Series was the first time the pairing would meet since their Casket Match at the Royal Rumble in the same year.

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The match at the Royal Rumble ended with virtually every he'll character in WWE at the time helping Yokozuna put The Undertaker in a casket and eventually, The Undertaker ascended up to heaven.

Naturally, The Undertaker returned from his ascension to heaven at the 1994 SummerSlam to face an evil clone of himself, portrayed by Brian Lee, before once again turning his attention to Yokozuna.

In an effort to avoid what happened at the Royal Rumble, Undertaker would enlist the help of Chuck Norris, who was popular at the time for his Walker, Texas Ranger series and this led to Chuck Norris holding off the attacks of King Kong Bundy, IRS, and Jeff Jarrett.

Norris held Jeff Jarrett off with a roundhouse kick and all these years later, Jeff Jarrett is reflecting on that moment.

Speaking to Cageside Seats' Shakiel Mahjouri, Jeff Jarrett revealed that the roundhouse kick did exactly land, and had Chuck Norris elected to kick him in the throat, Jeff Jarrett would have not gone on to become the King of the Mountain.

“Chuck Norris is from Texas. Survivor Series was in San Antonio. Somehow, someway — I’m not sure if I volunteered or if I got the short straw and was the young guy on the team. I’ve always taken it with a badge of honor and maybe I was an idiot at times. I had no problem doing it,” the “King of the Mountain” explains. “He obviously knows how to throw a kick and he put it right in there.

“Oh, it landed. It landed. If it had caught me in the throat, that would have been the end of the story. It was right square on the chest, exactly where Chuck wanted to place it. I’ll say that.”

Jeff Jarett would eventually become a WWE Hall of Famer and start multiple promotions at his own all because Chuck Norris allowed it to happen.

You can check out the full interview embedded above.

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