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Jeff Jarrett goes over a number of topics.

WWE Hall Of Famer and former 6-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett has seemingly done it all in the wrestling business. He has worked in a number of promotions, companies and territories and been a backstage presence in some of those places. He has ran his own company and is still in the mix to this day. At the age of 51-years old Jarrett is going strong as he competes regularly for AAA in Mexico where he is former two-time Mega Champion.

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In the midst of all that, Jarrett has taken his 'Global Force Entertainment' company and joined forces with Wrestling Travel and the two are providing an opportunity for fans to go see their favorite wrestling events and it all starts with Wrestle Kingdom 13. Jarrett did a media tour in the United Kingdom to promote the relationship with Wrestling Travel and one of the outlets he spoke with was the 'Mirror'. During the interview Jarrett was asked about competing against stars who are half his age and Jarrett shared that he takes great pride in being able to go with some of the top talent in the business today.

"Ha ha, you said it. Here's what I take a lot of pride in: I train every day, I stay fit and I take a lot of pride in having the ability to go in there with them. It was special in so many ways. We were one of the main events at TripleMania but not only that, the last hour of TripleMania was broadcast live on Televisa, network television in Mexico, like an ITV or BBC, it's the network in Mexico." Jarrett continued, "So that hour, the ratings were through the roof. So when I tell you it was a big event in Mexico, I'm not quite sure I'm doing it justice. It was a pop culture event bigger than a mega wrestling show. So to be a part of the B title of that organization, the champion going into that match, at this stage in my career, going against Fenix - and Rich Swann and Brian Cage no doubt - but Fenix is, I used to be able to say because I met him when he was coming in the door as a young kid, Fenix has arrived and he is I wouldn't say the next big thing, he is the big thing, and he is setting the scene on fire. For me to be a part of that and knowing I came prepared and carried my weight in the match so to speak, I'm pretty damn proud of it."

The former 4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion then dove into how the partnership with Lee McAteer of Wrestling Travel came to be and what the fans can expect from the partnership:

"We've had mutual connections, but I kind of almost want to say it was by fate. He's an incredible entrepreneur/businessman, wrestling is not in his background, but business is." Jarrett explained. "He comes from a line of business folks, attorneys and business managers and everything that goes with it, and runs an ultra successful travel agency. So mutual friends connected us, we hit it right off and almost immediately, outside of the Tranmere Rovers fun we had, we said, 'How can we do business together?'

We really have meshed or put together my 32-year background in professional wrestling and his lifelong business background. His travel agency is a worldwide situation and I've got a long history not just as a wrestler but as a promoter. My family have always been promoters and at the very end of the day, you have to give the fans what they want. The combination we have put together... the world of wrestling I grow up in, there was German wrestling, and British, and Japanese, and Puerto Rican, and U.S., and Mexican wrestling, with their own fans. It was separate. Now in the digital age, in the age of social media, all of the wrestling audiences are so much more connected. I cannot stress that enough, how much more connected wresting audiences are around the world. So people know about events like NJPW Wrestle Kingdom, or AAA TripleMania, or lately All In." Jarrett continued, "Fans know about these events and with travel getting easier and easier, I saw on the news about the first ever flight from Singapore non-stop to New York City, in 19 hours. The world is so much more connected than it was in the past."

Jeff Jarrett further elaborated on Global Force and Wrestling Travel kick-starting their relationship by providing travel packages to Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4th:

"We have put together packages, kicked it off with the biggest show of the year in Japan, a show that has been around for a lot of years. We're just happy that we're giving the fans that don't live in Japan an opportunity and we'll make it very easy shopping." Jarrett promised. "We'll get you there, you get to one of the four hubs we have strategically placed and we'll make sure we do the rest, and that's hats off to Lee. You get to London, New York, Sydney or San Francisco and then we'll fly you there, pick you up, buses, transfers, hotels, all that. Then we're really creating some really unique experiences, as we get feedback, we really want to customize it for the fans. We're going to do tours around Tokyo to famous wrestling stops. There's a couple of Japanese legends we're going to have meet and greets lined up with. There's some restaurants owned by former Japanese wrestlers, so it's going to be an authentic wrestling trip. It's really a dream. Kōrakuen Hall holds events quite a bit, other wrestling shows outside of Wrestle Kingdom too we're going to give the opportunity to attend, so it really is a customized wrestling travel trip."


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