Jenny Rose Discusses Controversial ROH Crowd Incident With Allure

ROH Women of Honor star Jenny Rose recently spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can check out the full interview at this link, and highlights below

The recent bad behavior among male fans being crude towards the Allure, Taya Valkyrie, and Scarlett Bordeaux in different promotions: 
"I wish there something that can be done but unfortunately you can't control everybody in in a crowd no matter how many security guards you have. People just have to be better human beings. They are going to have to be respectful and have respect for everybody. I'm sure guys get harassed as well. But, to touch any of the wrestlers and then some of the stuff that they say... I mean, yeah, you paid for a ticket but there's a certain sort of respect. You know what I mean? Come on! I mean, you're going to a show! Have respect and just be a decent human being. I never had any fan encounter in that way but I know if I were to be touched and whatnot by a fan, I would not handle it nearly as well as a lot of these women have." 

On the highly praised Street Fight she had with Kelly Klein earlier this year opening the eyes of the wrestling world about how good she is:
"I hope so. I mean, that match hurt. But it was worth it. So, I hope that got eyes on me but, I mean, I would do it all again. It's so out of my element. I'm not the hardcore type of wrestler but I did what had to be done and I'm glad I did. We had a lot of awesome reviews on that match and I didn't know Ian (Riccaboni) listed it as 1 of his top 5 matches so far this year. So, you know, thank you again for that! It means a lot! I mean, you know, coming from him and he has seen it all so I really appreciate it! But, it just shows you know the work we put into that match... I mean, it paid off!" 

They're getting out of hand. They've been very sneaky. They've attacked us from behind... Relentless! That's what they are. As far as me and Kelly, I'm willing to put aside... You know, she's changed for the better. She's changing a good way and we both are on the same page with this. We're going to do whatever we have to do to stop these girls from trying to run the show." .

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