Jerry Lawler Believes The Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart Reconciliation Was For Show

The rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart is well-known at this point. The two were enemies in the ring and behind the scenes. Following the Montreal Screw Job in November 1997, it looked like they would never be friends.

In 2010, on an episode of Raw, the pair of WWE Hall of Famers seemed to make amends in the middle of the ring. The rivalry was over.

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Jerry Lawler, who had a front-row seat for most of their feud and for their confrontation in 2010, begs to differ. Speaking on an episode of Dinner with The King, Lawler disagreed with the notion that Hart and Michaels squashed their beef on that January night.

"I don't think that Shawn and Bret were ever close friends to begin with. I think that the hugging it out, and all that stuff, was for show. For the camera's sake.

"I don't think that all off a sudden, once they said, 'let's let bygones be bygones' it was a case where, 'Hey, let's hang out next week. You come by my house or I'll come by your house.' I doubt they ever talk or anything like that."

Lawler went on to say that he believes, "Bret has let a lot of that stuff go." 

"The King" had his own long standing rivalry with Hart, but those two were enemies on-screen only.

On an episode of Bischoff on Wrestling, Michaels stated that the on-screen reconciliation was real and that the two exchange texts on holidays.

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