Jerry Lawler Says Andy Kaufman Deserves To Be In WWE Hall of Fame

Jerry Lawler says his feud with Andy Kaufman was "the beginning of sports entertainment."

On Dinner with the King, Lawler discussed his historical feud with Kaufman in honor of the anniversary of their first match. Lawler said Kaufman was special because he was such a big entertainment star which brought publicity to wrestling like being on David Letterman's show. Lawler was asked by his co-host Glenn Moore if Kaufman deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

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"I think that without a doubt he does. Probably the main drawback, or main hold up, or resistance to that is the fact that Andy never had a match in WWE. I think there's definitely a place for Andy, at least, in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame because that match that Andy and I had, it almost supersedes any organization. It was just about wrestling, in general. If you look back and really consider all the facts, that match was so important in what evolved or the way wrestling evolved after. I think--and a lot of people have told me--that was the beginning of sports entertainment. That was the first time that wrestling and the entertainment world collided head-to-head and wound up working together," said Lawler

He said his feud with Kaufman was not planned out and got big in a way he is not sure could be replicated.

The appearance on David Letterman's show was not scripted according to Lawler who said Kaufman was a natural when it came to professional wrestling. The podcast is part of an on-going series where Lawler goes through the entirety of his feud with Kaufman. 

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