Jim Ross: I Don't Know Why Women Would Be Paid For Not Wrestling In Saudi Arabia

Jim Ross with a bold statement.

Coming into and out of the 'Greatest Royal Rumble' event that took place on April 27th, one of the major controversies was that the female superstars of WWE were not going to be and were not featured on the card due to strict laws and traditions in Saudi Arabia where the event was held. WWE figureheads such as Triple H spoke out on the topic on behalf the company and the female superstars' themselves shared positive messages on social media noting that they believe that one day women's wrestling will be featured in Saudi Arabia.

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WWE Hall Of Famer and the company's former Head Of Talent Relations Jim Ross recently gave his take on the topic that arose over the past week that had to do with WWE's female talent being compensated for the 'Greatest Royal Rumble' event seeing as how they were not allowed to compete in Saudi Arabia and there were no live events the weekend of the show. Ross made a vexed argument about the situation stating that he does not believe that they should be paid and explained why on his 'Ross Report' podcast.

“I don’t know why it would be that way. It’s not everybody’s right to be on any card. You earn your right to be on the card, and the women have done a phenomenal job and I am as big a supporter of women’s athletics in general; hey, I’m a season ticket holder to the OU women’s basketball games." He stated. "I’m a big fan of the OU women’s softball team who are defending national champions. So I’m a big fan. But I believe the same thing as I do about WrestleMania. It’s not your birthright to be booked. It’s like playing in the Super Bowl, it’s not your right as an NFL player you earn that right to get in that game." JR explained. "So I believe the women, I don’t know if they were paid or not. I don’t know why they would have been paid and I may piss some people off but I’m just being honest. It’s my problem I have sometimes, being honest.”

An event that WWE's female superstars will be competing at is tonight's 'Backlash' PPV which Fightful will have full coverage of and there will also be a post-show podcast where our crew will be reviewing the action that takes place during the show.

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