Jim Ross Says WWE Wrestlers Need To Be More Responsible

In the wake of recent WWE suspensions, Jim Ross has concerns.

In Ross' years of working for the WWE in talent relations and as an on-screen talent, he's witnessed his share of issues from talents. In a new blog post, Ross puts over the WWE's Wellness Program, which recently caused Paige, Alberto Del Rio and Eva Marie all to be suspended. 

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“It is a good thing that WWE has a Wellness Program because it’s obvious that many of today’s wrestlers would not legislate themselves if they had the opportunity or so it seems. I hope that none of the recent wellness violators have lingering, serious drug problems but if they do the WWE will help them as they have so many others and on the WWE dime. If these violations are of the “partying” variety, then how can anyone have any empathy for such matters?," Ross said. "Adults, especially those that are blessed to earn large sums of money in their chosen profession, should know better if they are busted for partying. If they are popped for using supplements with banned ingredients and they were not aware those supplements were on the banned list  then that is another matter all together but a violation nonetheless."

This year alone we've seen Adam Rose and Eva Marie (via her husband) call out WWE's testing policies, as opposed to owning up for them. The 30+ year veteran Ross thinks the talents need to be more accountable for their actions.

"At the end of the day, there needs to be more personal responsibility in many people's professional lives. By the way that includes high paid football players in the NFL who seem to be getting popped weekly. While WWE is a times unfairly criticized by fans who apparently don't understand the program while other wrestling organizations who have no programs or impotent programs to help their athletes are generally given a free pass. That's a head scratcher," said Ross.

You can see Ross' full blog post at this link.

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