John Cena: 'I Don't Ever Want To Not Be Known As A WWE Superstar'

For many years, John Cena was the face of WWE. More recently, John has transitioned into a career spanning all forms of entertainment, namely movies and daytime television, however, John would always like to be associated first and foremost with WWE.

Speaking to Belfast Telegraph, John Cena proclaimed that he is simply taking a step away from WWE to pursue opportunities being afforded to him and he also feels that he is a step behind today’s roster.

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“I hope they always view me as a member of the WWE, because I am,” Cena began. “Whether it's watching the events or being able to participate, any chance I'm given to answer this question, WWE is my family. It's weird that the culture is, you either do this or you do that, and for 20 years I've been trying to tell people, 'No, it's all really cool'. So I don't ever want to not be known as a WWE superstar. I can't perform as much as the current ones, because I'm a little bit older, and I have these cool opportunities to do other stuff, but in doing other stuff, I'm not saying that world is shut off. I'm trying to bring this world with me, so we can all be involved in a movie conversation, or a WrestleMania conversation."

Continuing on, John would reflect on the number of people in Belfast, and worldwide, who come up to him and remember him fondly from watching WWE when they were younger, a feeling that John says he will never get tired of.

“Because it's such a global city, you get people from all over, and 99 times out of a 100 it is, 'I saw you when I was young, I watched WWE as a kid,'” Cena boasted. “I never get tired of hearing it; it's basically people saying, in so many words, 'You have had an impact on my life'. That's the coolest thing anyone can ever say to you. The UK loves WWE so much, it really is special to hear that.”

You can read the full interview at this link.

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