John Cena Responds To Critcism From Dean Ambrose

John Cena took exception to the shots Dean Ambrose took at him on last week's Talking Smack.

Cena singled out No Mercy opponent Dean Ambrose for his comments that criticized Cena for being a part time wrestler and his choice of travel.

"No, I don't stand and dress where Dean Ambrose dresses, but this is where someone has twisted reality. Dean Ambrose said 'John Cena and Dean Ambrose don't like each other.' No. Dean Ambrose doesn't like John Cena. John Cena doesn't care about Dean Ambrose. f Dean Ambrose wants me to care about him at No Mercy, he'll either need to step up or step aside," said Cena.

Cena also said that while Ambrose does hang out with guys like Jack Swagger and the Samoans, they come to Cena for advice. He then said that Ambrose's Shield compadres Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

"That's not a knock on Dean Ambrose because I know that he's going to hopefully put in the work to get better. But you have to be accountable for your words."

Last week on Talking Smack, Ambrose said that not only does he dislike John Cena, plenty of others do as well.

"In reality, if me and John Cena pass each other in the halls, we're not going to talk to each other... I definitely have a problem with him. He stays on his side of the room. He don't wanna come over to my side of the room, because I roll with Samoans and Jack Swagger. He (doesn't have) any friends because he hangs out on the bus. I change in the locker room. You know where he's changing at? Probably getting in.. a jet, getting ready to film the Nickelodeon Awards or something, such crap like that. That's what he does, because he's gone soft," Ambrose said.

Cena and Ambrose face WWE Champion AJ Styles for the title at No Mercy on October 9.

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