John Cena Says Daniel Bryan Is Back Where He Belongs

As a wrestling fan and family member, John Cena is happy about Daniel Bryan's return.

Last night on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan appeared on Smackdown for the first time since WWE medically cleared him to compete in the ring. He had been out of action for nearly two full years but according to John Cena, Bryan never gave up on returning to professional wrestling. In an Interview with TMZ, Cena expressed how Bryan's return made him feel. Cena has been preparing to marry Bryan's sister-in-law Nikki Bella so Cena had more than one perspective to share.

"From a fan's perspective it's wonderful because they all want to see him and know what he's capable of. From a family perspective, I've had the chance to talk to Bryan at length about his passion for wrestling and it is what he was born to do and I know deep down how he feels about it. To be told it was over when it isn't time for it to be over, to him was very shocking," said Cena. "That young man did absolutely everything possible to challenge the word 'no.' How ironic, he's known so much for 'yes,yes,yes.' He turned no into yes and he worked his ass off to make that happen," he continued.

While Bryan was away from wrestling, Cena said he dedicated his time to his family and health and called Bryan one of the "healthiest" wrestlers in WWE currently. Cena also said today was a wonderful day for the family and friends of Bryan.

The full interview can be seen on TMZ's YouTube Channel or the video above.

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