John Cena Says He Isn't The Highest Paid WWE Wrestler

John Cena went UNDERCOVER with GQ to promote American Grit. You can see highlights below and the full video above.

Why he’s the highest paid wrestler in WWE:

“That’s false. I think the question here is…why isn’t John Cena the highest paid wrestler in the WWE?”

Why he never turned heel:

“Oftentimes, I run out onto our well-produced stage to thunderous boos, and my theme song has been remixed by the audience many times. And I quote, “John Cena sucks.” So I turned heel, you missed it. It happened about ten years ago.”

Who is more handsome, Cena and Randy Orton:

If he could beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania:

“We haven’t had it, so I can definitely say I can beat him. So I would’ve won. Certainly.”

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