John Mayer Says He Red Arrows Himself Into Bed Every Night

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John Mayer Might Be Itching
For A Feud With Neville

So, we all know who John Mayer is, yeah?

I mean, even if you're not a fan of his music, you know who he is, right?

Body is a Wonderland?

Waiting on the World to Change?

Dated Taylor Swift?

Dated Katy Perry?

Always looks vaguely like he's having sex with his guitar?

Yeah. That guy.

Well, last night he Tweeted this:

And a fan helped him out:


Okay that was most likely a joke, but Mayer seems dead serious about the next fan suggestion.

If true, I can see why Tay-Tay and Katy broke up with him. That would suck, taking a People's Elbow every night.

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