Jon Moxley Calls It Gratifying That WWE Counter-Programmed Against AEW

Jon Moxley has found happiness in AEW since joining the promotion last May after a depressing end to his WWE run. Moxley has spoken many times about the creative freedom he is allowed in AEW compared to WWE, not only on camera but away from the ring as well. Along with being a full-time competitor in AEW, Moxley is allowed to take dates with other promotions.

Speaking to Steven Muehlhausen of Sporting News, Moxley discussed the most gratifying part of leaving WWE and joining AEW.

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Two things have been gratifying. The one that they (WWE) tried to counter-program us. That's not a conspiracy theory. That is reality. They put the show on Wednesday nights to go against us to prevent us from getting a foothold and prevent us from getting an audience, so hopefully, we go belly up in six months. Not only did that not happen, but we also got new contracts for four or five more years or whatever, and now we know AEW isn't going anywhere. Now we've proven that all the wrestling fans are coming out of the woodwork that had been here the whole time. There is an underserved market. We're not selling out stadiums every week, but we're not playing empty houses either," he said. "There's people in the building every week and all the cities. We've proven that there is this huge audience out there that want a major league alternative in wrestling finally. The business has needed it for so long. The other gratifying thing was, and I said this on Jericho show when it first left, and I was in a much different headspace then I'm in now. I'm totally different and (have) a lot less baggage. I said I hope that we can prove that the way they do stuff is not the ideal way to do things creatively, as far as having 30 writers, writing scripts and people reciting the lines, and so forth."

Moxley continued, "I think five months in, I think confidently you can agree or disagree with me but I say that we've proven that to be true. You don't need 30 writers writing scripts for everybody. You can let performers do things the way they feel like they should be doing. You can just let people be themselves, and when you got there, you let a performer be themselves, you notice artists that either they connect with the crowd or maybe if they don't then they learn, they change, they come back next week and then they are now connecting with the crowd. You got to let them figure it out instead of writing stupid lines for him and stuff like that. I think I can pretty confidently say that we have proven that to be the case, because we don't have any writers. There's not one single employed writer. We have production meetings. We have directors. I talk to the director before every show, because I come out of the crowd. We talk with the camera guys and the director, and we walk the path and what's going to look the best in every particular building where is the best place to come out. We all work together. The performers collaborate together. People come up with ideas. I think we've proven that like, guess what, we somehow managed to put on a two-hour show without any scripts. It can be done."

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In a different interview, Moxley said winning the AEW World Title would be a greater feeling than winning the WWE Title. Moxley got that feeling at AEW Revolution when he defeated Chris Jericho to win the AEW World Title.

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