Jon Moxley Says WWE's Schedule Is Stupid, Calls Their Congratulations to AEW Passive-Aggresive

Jon Moxley thinks that All Elite Wrestling has changed the game for all wrestlers across the globe.

While speaking to the press at the New York Comic-Con event, the former Dean Ambrose spoke about the changes to the industry ever since the formation of AEW, especially as it pertains to pay and schedule.

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"I think right now everybody is-- I think everybody's gonna start doing better than they're doing right now," he began. "You're seeing wrestlers who are getting more money from WWE just because they're trying to lock everybody down, which is great. It should have been like that all along. I think they're going to start reducing their schedule, too, as you know, which is good because their schedule is stupid. Makes no sense. So I  think you're going to see a better quality of life for guys, you know, in the competition, so to speak, just because of the existence of AEW. I mean, there's guys in Japan that are getting, that I know, that are getting raises, that are under contract, that aren't even coming, that don't even want to come here just as, like, a sign of good faith. Literally, the entire industry all over the world is benefiting from the fact that now there's like a viable alternative."

Jon Moxley also spoke about the ratings victory for AEW Dynamite this week in the inaugural ratings battle with WWE NXT. Moxley admitted that ultimately, the fans will be the winners of whatever competition goes down but he was not afraid to say what he felt about the congratulatory statement WWE released on Thursday, "And once we, like, hit ten o'clock and we got two hours in the can the other night we're like, 'we did it, high five!' and now we get the ratings out, there as a viable alternative. I mean, this is real. This actually happened. I'm sure there are a lot of people that are going to keep waiting to wake up from the nightmare like this isn't really real. But like all this is happening, this is 100% real. And it's great for everybody. It's great. I don't say this to try to do some corporate-speak like that passive-aggressive ass WWE statement the other day, ultimately the fans benefit because they get to see these guys all across the board who are more inspired or-- from the indies getting hyped up to, like, all across the board. Everybody's more passionate, more excited."

A lifelong wrestling fan himself, Moxley admits got the current excitement in the wrestling world and the return to direct competition has brought out the wrestling fan inside him too, "I was watching Raw with my wife the other night. It was like, oh, like, this is fun because we're like watching them react like, oh, now they got, now they brought pyro back. Now they're bringing, they brought in Hogan and Flair and just watching them try to, like, make moves. Like, it's fun. It's exciting. Like the fan part of me is like, 'this is so much fun!'"

Jon Moxley will see action this Wednesday when he takes on Shawn Spears live on TNT. Also, Jon will return to Japan to defend his IWGP United States Championship against Juice Robinson on October 14th at NJPW King of Pro Wrestling.

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