Justin Roberts Discusses Vince McMahon As A Boss

Justin Roberts worked with WWE for over ten years, through brand splits, tragedies and triumphs.

Roberts has been outspoken since his 2014 exit from the company. In a recent interview with Cult of Whatever, Roberts discussed the polarizing Vince McMahon and how he was as a boss.

"He is on top of everything; he makes sure everything goes the way he wants it to go. He micromanages everyone and everything. Sometimes he isn't clear on direction and what he wants you to do, sometimes his direction doesn't make sense, sometimes he will tell you one thing but he wants something else.

"It's not easy to work for him but you'll learn a lot from him, I can say that much because there is brilliance somewhere in there, it's not everywhere but there is a brilliance that is a part of it. It prepares you for when you're done to go and work anywhere else because once you work for Vince you can go anywhere."

You can see the full interview at this link.

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